LIBERATED: THE NEW SEXUAL REVOLUTION: A Conversation with Filmmaker Benjamin Nolot and Spring Breakers Shay and Kimmy


“It’s just such a different story, and people are going to be like, Wow! I didn’t expect it to be like that! And I feel like they’re going to love it more because of that.”


"Our culture has a pretty serious fascination with celebrity and food, so I thought it would be fun to merge the two together in a way that’s funny and lighthearted. There’s obviously an absurdity and a randomness to the idea, but I think, in a way, that’s what people seem to respond to."


"The little bit of news that was coming out about the war overseas was that this was the biggest event of mankind. In the history of the world. And they wanted to play a part, and they wanted to fly. It was a young person’s energetic dream of adventure, and challenge, and glory. "


“I just never thought that was possible, you know, to make that kind of connection with these animals. So that’s kind of where I started with it. I felt like if I could get to that place, figure out what the animal was about, then I might be able to make a better photograph of it.”


“I mean, these are real people with real wants, and I wouldn’t say they’re desperate, but they’re hopeful. I feel like when the other stuff doesn’t work, you know, you should start throwing caution to the wind. I think that’s really brave, especially in this case.”


“There’s bitter, which is decidedly distasteful, right? And there’s sweet. Bittersweet is that combination. In the film, all these things come from a girl who’s 19 years old, and it is that—bittersweet, like a pain you desire. It’s a contradiction. It’s the past, and it’s probably not good for me, but I like it. I feel comfortable in it. It’s like an ailment that you enjoy.”


"The thing about ‘not having time’… I feel like you can always make excuses about not having time for something. But, you guys, you wake up every day, you have time to brush your teeth. You have time to do that. So you have to have time to think about your eating if it’s important to you."


"When Ruby makes a new friend, my first instinct is to make sure they want to be her friend for the right reasons. Ruby has always been quite popular at school (even more so now with her social media presence), so it’s my job to make sure her friends are true and not just hanging out with her for attention."


"You learn so much from [actors] just based on what they do and how they act. You know, sometimes I look at the other actors’ scripts just to see what they do with them. And it’s like, there are multiple ways of doing the scenes … One of the things I thought was [interesting] was when I looked at Ed Helms’ script, who was my father in one of the movies I filmed, he had a script that was just filled with notes, and that was really cool to see."


"Yeah, that show was not cast with, like, random people. You know how other reality shows are just random people that didn’t necessarily know each other, maybe a few of ‘em did? And they’re cast just to be on it? Vanderpump Rules is not like that at all."

Terri Loewenthal explores "the intersection of landscape and psyche" in Psychscapes: "Who would I be in that place?"

"Are you romanced by the work? Maybe that means you are seeking hope."

Drone Photographer Dirk Dallas: "We really are small dots in the grand scheme of things"

"What’s really interesting about shooting from the air is that it truly is humbling for me. As soon as I take that drone up, even just 100 feet, everything looks so small. You can barely see me. I’m now a speck. It’s like this Godlike view of the world, and I’m like, Wow. We really are small dots in the grand scheme of things, right?"

"They have mastered the space and their emotion": Maika Elan on Photographing Reclusive Japanese "Hikikomori"

"It contributes to a natural flow that helps society become more balanced when there are people who dare ignore all the rules and instead live up to their personal preferences."

"It was very risky": Seph Lawless on His Viral Photos of Abandonment

"We are a great country—I love my country to death, I really do. But hiding in the shadows is crumbling areas of my country that I want people to not forget about, too. I want people to talk about these areas as well, not just focus on the good ... I thought it was my responsibility to show a more accurate depiction of America, and show the other side, too. Just like the other side of Disney World, the Happiest Place on Earth? I want to show you the place that almost looks like the Unhappiest Place on Earth."


"Seduced by the Lens" is our new series of interviews for Musée Magazine. The series features interviews with established figures in entertainment who have found another passion in photography.


"I thought it was going to be more portrait-driven than it ended up, but that’s what made me think, Oh, I have this group of guys, I have access to this group of guys who all started out doing the exact same thing at the exact same time in their lives. And professional sports is so—the lifespan, the career span is so short—that I could, without commiting for my entire life, maybe do the beginning, middle and end of something. So in my mind, Rineke Dijkstra was as important as Billy Beane."


"I suppose the moment I bought a Rolleiflex camera things really changed. That camera had something going on. Depth of field was more exciting; the format of the negs was more interesting, even the out of focus shots were cool. Then I started working with real printers like Mike Spry at Downtown darkroom and Brian Dowling at BDI in London. They turned my crappy negatives into boxes of exquisite prints. It was like Christmas."

Positively Social’s Lilia Buckingham on Spreading the Right Message Online

“Because we’ve all experienced bad cyberbullying and hate, we tried to figure out a way to teach people how to avoid it, how to step away from it, how to make it better … We all just kind of wanted to come together and, oh, this sounds so cheesy, but make a difference.”


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