Double Talk: Joy (Movie Review) Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert De Niro

Based loosely on the life of Joy Mangano, an inventor, businesswoman and QVC/HSN purveyor, and directed by David O. Russell, Joy tells the story of a woman’s journey from aspiring inventor to self-made millionaire. With an amazing cast (Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Jennifer Lawrence, who won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of the title character), Joy will inspire you and make you want to go after your dreams!

By the way, we did a little more searching on Joy Mangano, and her self-wringing mop that was the focus in the film is called the Miracle Mop in real life. She developed the prototype in 1990, and starting with 100 units, first sold it in local stores and trade shows on Long Island. She then sold it to QVC, but it sold only modestly, until QVC allowed her to go on-air and sell it herself. After that, it sold 18,000 mops in less than a half hour. For those who have seen the movie, sound familiar??

“I think my products have been successful because they have mass appeal,” she has said. “I’m just like everybody else out there. I’m a mom, I work, I have a house to clean, things to organize. We all have certain similar needs, and I address them.” – Joy Mangano

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