Charlie Webster On ‘Scamanda’ Podcast & Unraveling Amanda Riley’s Story

Amanda Riley is a wife, a mother, a blogger, a Christian woman, and a cancer patient who lives her life to the fullest. For almost a decade, Amanda documented the ups and downs of treatment for her readers and her community, bravely sharing her most vulnerable moments. But there’s a catch — Amanda’s cancer battle is entirely fabricated.

In the Lionsgate podcast Scamanda, host and producer Charlie Webster peels apart the fascinating true story layer by layer, taking listeners on the same ride Amanda’s family and friends took as they realized the Amanda they thought they knew had been keeping a sinister secret. We caught up with Charlie just before the show’s final episode premiered — so we tried to keep spoilers at bay, but proceed with caution — to discuss Charlie’s method of juggling the complex story and try and get inside Amanda’s head. Listen in…

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