Two-on-one conversations with celebrities, public figures, and anyone with an interesting story to tell.

Meet Toby Toad, Instagram’s Most Unique Rising Influencer

24-year-old Savannah Mikell is the manager to one of Instagram’s most unexpected new influencers.

Whitney Way Thore Talks Body Positivity, Social Media, & 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life'

Chatting with Whitney Way Thore from TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life about body positivity, her philosophy on social media, and how being on reality TV has changed her perspective on empowerment.

Taye Diggs on Social Media, Charity, and Spreading Kindness

We caught up with actor Taye Diggs at TLC's 2019 Give A Little Awards, where Taye shared his perspective on giving back and social media.

Buddy Valastro from TLC's 'Cake Boss' on Life Lessons & the Future of Reality TV

Our conversation with Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro, who got candid about online bullying, his lessons for his children, and predictions for the future of reality TV at TLC's 2019 Give A Little awards!

Skai Jackson Explains the “Classy Clapback” & Talks Bullying on Social Media

We met Skai Jackson at TLC’s 2019 Give A Little Awards, where she told us about her inspiration for her new book, Reach For the Skai, growing up in the public eye, and her thoughts on how to deal with bullying on social media.

Artist Behind World's Smallest Microsculptures, Willard Wigan, Explains His Process

After a long Skype call with microsculpter Dr. Willard Wigan—honored by Guinness World Records and Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II alike for his contributions to art—there is a lot to ponder.

Did Modern Media Kill the VMAs? A Look Back at the 1984 vs. 2019 Video Music Awards

Though it is somewhere on the cusp of earth-toned tracksuits and neon spandex, some might argue that the 80s truly kicked off at 12:01 A.M. Eastern Time on August 1st, 1981.

Nat Geo’s ‘World’s Biggest Great White?’: Kimberly Jeffries’ Encounter with Famed Shark Deep Blue

"It wasn’t at all how you would imagine a great white shark. It’s not like Jaws where the shark is breaching out of the ocean and belly flopping, and, like, ripping animals. It was a very serene moment."

‘The Lion King’ (2019) Reaction & Comparison to Original 1994 Version

The 2019 version of the Disney classic The Lion King, featuring a star-studded cast of Chiwetel Ejiofor, John Oliver, James Earl Jones, Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, Donald Glover and many more, definitely did not disappoint!

Lilliana Ketchman on 'Dance Moms' Behind the Scenes, Abby Lee Miller

On this past Tuesday’s episode of Dance Moms, then 10-year-old dancer Lilliana Ketchman is given an “ultimatum” by her notoriously-authoritarian instructor Abby Lee Miller.

Murder up the Street: Two Years After Bucks County, PA Killings, Community Looks Back

During the first week of July, 2017, there is a shift in energy in our hometown of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

‘The White Crow’ Star Zach Avery on New Movie with Olivia Munn, Bruce Dern

"I had started the doctorate program in the fall with the little voice in the back of my head that was telling me that acting was my passion ... The weirdest part is that once I actually made the decision [to leave school], I was completely at ease."

‘Malibu Rescue’ Actress Abby Donnelly on Netflix Series & Auditioning

Chatting with Malibu Rescue and Just Add Magic actress Abby Donnelly about the series, her hopes for the future of her character, Lizzie, and her unique introduction to the TV and film industry!

Caroline Calloway on Being Social Media's First 'Influencer'

From the perspective of two longtime followers of 27-year-old Instagram trailblazer Caroline Calloway, an afternoon in her apartment doesn’t so much confirm or deny assumptions of Calloway and her life as it humanizes them.

Tony D. Head on ‘Joker’ Audition & Behind the Scenes, Advice to Actors

Actor Tony D. Head shares his audition story and behind the scenes from Joker, and explains what makes the upcoming installment different.

Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron on ‘Pickler and Ben’ & Why They Love Nashville

We visit Nashville and sit down with Kellie Pickler and Ben Aaron on the set of their talk show Pickler and Ben to discuss favorite celebrity guests, dream interviews, and their love of Nashville.

‘The Last O.G.’ Actress Taylor Mosby on Jordan Peele, ‘Breakthrough,’ and Youth Activism

"When it wasn’t my scene, I would help direct Miss Tiffany [Haddish's] scene. You know, try to figure out little things, because I’m there anyway! I’m working with great people. You think I’m gonna go chill in my trailer and eat Chex Mix?"

‘Fuller House’ Star Michael Campion on The Final Season, Friends, and Staying Grounded

"By being on a show, and having a talent, you’re no better than someone else. You’re just in the public eye, and people are seeing your talent. It’s a blessing for sure, but for a lot of people — a lot of celebrities, especially my age — it gets to their heads."

Actress Jillian Clare on 'Pretty Broken,' Producing, and Making Your Own Work

"I think in this day and age, if you want to act, and if you want to be a filmmaker, you just kind of have to do it. It’s easier these days, too—you can make things on a lower budget, and there’s all these options with fundraising and all that kind of stuff now. And I just feel like if you truly want to act, waiting around for that audition and just going out on things when your agent gets them for you isn’t enough."

Inside ‘Deal or No Deal’ with Case #9 Model Patricia Kara

We chat with original briefcase model Patricia Kara on the evolution of Deal or No Deal, Howie Mandel, and how the CNBC reboot is different.

'Breaking Bad' Star RJ Mitte on Disability Advocacy, Choosing Roles

sWe talk to RJ Mitte about his memorable role as Walter Jr. on Breaking Bad, his new film Time Share, and his advocacy work for people with physical disabilities.

When Identical Twins Marry Identical Twins: Our Twinsane Wedding

We speak with Brittany, Briana, Joshua, and Jeremy Salyers ahead of the premiere of their TLC special Our Twinsane Wedding February 11th.

Childhood Cancer Survivor Claire (Prayers for Claire) on Her Passion for Dance, Giving Back

Five years ago, 9-year-old Claire of Baltimore, Maryland, became one of the 43 children diagnosed with cancer every day.

PetCon 2018: A Pet Lover’s Dream!

We attend PetCon 2018 to talk pet adoption, and get the stories behind the popular pet social media stars The Kardoggians and For The Love of Smiley.

It’s a (TV) Twin Thing: ‘Haunting of Hill House’ Stars Violet McGraw and Julian Hilliard

If you’ve seen Netflix’s stunning horror series The Haunting of Hill House, you know that there’s no denying the impact of the five young stars that portray the Crain family in the flashbacks.

‘Haunting of Hill House’ Star Lulu Wilson on Mike Flanagan, Why She Likes Horror, and Those Insane Long Takes

Lulu Wilson is passionate, sharply intelligent, mature well beyond her 13 years, and nuanced—all at once.

Teen Chef Amber Kelley (Cook with Amber) on Her New Cookbook, Collaboration with Jamie Oliver, and Favorite Halloween Recipe!

“I never, ever a couple years ago would have thought I’d have a book out by now ... I always dreamed about it, but I never really thought that would be a reality, so it just goes to show that if you put your mind to it, you can do some amazing things.”

Brittany Snow on Navigating Social Media and Love is Louder: TLC’s Give A Little Awards

A chat with Brittany Snow on how to navigate the often-tumultuous world of social media, and her Love is Louder movement. #LouderTogether

Kelly Osbourne on Ozzy and Jack's World Detour and What She's Learned from her Father

Kelly Osbourne at TLC'S Give A Little awards: what she has learned about her her father Ozzy Osbourne from filming Ozzy and Jack's World Detour, and how growing up around Ozzy has shaped her views on giving back.

Jazz Jennings (I Am Jazz) on Celebrity Activism at TLC’S Give A Little Awards

TLC star Jazz Jennings on social media's impact on activism, the upcoming season of I Am Jazz, and when she realized that people look up to her as a role model.

Derek Hough on Celebrity Activism and Giving Back: TLC'S Give A Little Awards

Derek Hough on how being in the public eye allows him to give back, and how doing good for others allows him to connect with himself.

Young Filmmaker Aaron David Roberts

We chatted with 24-year-old filmmaker Aaron David Roberts about his pilots Chartered and The Cast Members, his early success, his decision to not study film formally, and his advice to film students.

'Eighth Grade' Stars Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson on Online Pressures and Bo Burnham

After seeing Eighth Grade at a screening and falling in love with the film and its cast, we got a chance to sit down with Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson at the A24 Films office in New York.

Holocaust short ‘Dirty Bomb’ star Ido Samuel: “Everything can happen again if you won’t act against it”

People feel like, Oh, this could never happen again, but everything can happen again if you won’t act against it. Unfortunately there are bad people in the world, and when you give them control, and you don’t act against them or speak against them, they have power to be bigger and bigger and do what they want. And then it can be too late.

1/1’s Lindsey Shaw and Jeremy Phillips on Healing, The Casting Process, and Working with Judd Nelson

"Lots of things come to the surface, and once she understood all of the paths that led her here, some of which she knew and some of which she created, and some of which were beyond her control, then she could move on. It answers the fundamental question of 'why': you know, [the movie] goes through all those 'who, what, whys,' and when she finally gets to 'why,' she understands."

Nicole Feenstra on Broken Hearts Division: "One of the things about broken hearts is that everybody's had one"

"She [Officer Mack] is definitely inspired by Inspector Clouseau [The Pink Panther]. He’s sort of a bumbling detective. I’ve always liked people, and especially characters, who are very convinced of things and sort of charge ahead without a lot of knowledge. There’s an adage that’s called 'Ready, Fire, Aim'. Sometimes you just sort of go for it, and I think this character is somebody who believes passionately in righting wrongs that she sees perpetrated on people."

Ilhan Omar and Filmmaker Norah Shapiro on Tribeca Film Festival’s 'Time for Ilhan'

“Regardless of what background you might have, regardless of what the obstacles might look like, regardless of how old you are, regardless of how poor you are, regardless of how marginalized you are, you have something to contribute. If there is something that you need to change, you need to be the one that does it."

Vincent Musi: ‘National Geographic’s Most Unlikely Animal Photographer’

“I just never thought that was possible, you know, to make that kind of connection with these animals. So that’s kind of where I started with it. I felt like if I could get to that place, figure out what the animal was about, then I might be able to make a better photograph of it.”

Director Mark Pellington on Nostalgia: “It’s like an ailment that you enjoy”

“There’s bitter, which is decidedly distasteful, right? And there’s sweet. Bittersweet is that combination. In the film, all these things come from a girl who’s 19 years old, and it is that—bittersweet, like a pain you desire. It’s a contradiction. It’s the past, and it’s probably not good for me, but I like it. I feel comfortable in it. It’s like an ailment that you enjoy.”

“Adventure, Challenge, and Glory”: 'The Millionaires’ Unit' Filmmakers Darroch Greer and Ron King on FYU’s Journey from Yale Students to American Heroes

"The little bit of news that was coming out about the war overseas was that this was the biggest event of mankind. In the history of the world. And they wanted to play a part, and they wanted to fly. It was a young person’s energetic dream of adventure, and challenge, and glory."

'Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution': A Conversation with Filmmaker Benjamin Nolot and Spring Breakers Shay and Kimmy

"I think our view has been so distorted on what love really is ... I think that love is an intangible, universal, extremely powerful notion of giving yourself to someone unconditionally with compassion without expecting anything in return."

Lisa Lillien on Hungry Girl Magazine, Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

"The thing about ‘not having time’… I feel like you can always make excuses about not having time for something. But, you guys, you wake up every day, you have time to brush your teeth. You have time to do that. So you have to have time to think about your eating if it’s important to you."

Angie and Ruby: Tips for Talking to a Person with a Disability

"My hope is that people will see that individuals with disabilities are not destined to a sad, lonely life. With the right attitude, they can have amazing friendships, cool experiences, awesome achievements and a life full of love and happiness."

“Celebs on Sandwiches” Artist Jeff McCarthy: “There’s obviously an absurdity and randomness to the idea”

In the modern-day world of social media, it often takes more than just another pretty picture for an artist to become a viral sensation.

A Conversation With Marcia Clark: Snap Judgment, Her Writing Process, and Not Taking BS

"Do not put up with any bullshit. Make sure that the people around you love you, care for you, value you, and cherish you. And do not put up with anyone who is any less than that."

A Conversation With Leeza Gibbons: Partnership with Senior Helpers, Dodging Drama, and Remembering to Breathe

It is late afternoon on Valentine’s Day, and the two of us are sitting in the lobby of Central Park’s Essex House Hotel with news journalist, entertainment reporter, host, and health advocate Leeza Gibbons. We met to interview her, but so far, she has spent 15 minutes interviewing us. She is sitting on the couch leaning on one knee, and slightly forward as she speaks with us.

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