Hiker and Model Andy Neal on Spreading Body Positivity Through @andyfilmsandhikes

“I was getting messages from people saying, ‘Hey, you putting yourself out there on Instagram has really encouraged me. You talking about your struggles on your podcast let me know [that] even though I’m in a bigger body, or whatever other setback I have — the outdoors is for me.'” —Andy Neal

In 2019, Andy Neal was at a crossroad. He had left his career as a minister after 15 years to attend film school and study content creation and digital cinema, when he began to struggle with his identity and purpose. It was his therapist who suggested that Andy take a hike — literally — and his life completely changed.

Now, Andy is a hiker, model, actor, and filmmaker, who hosts The Hiker Podcast and is going viral for his message to followers about body positivity and inclusivity. Today, we are catching up with Andy to discuss how getting active can give you a mental makeover, and how he’s standing out online just by doing what he loves. Listen in….

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