How British Gardener Gerald Stratford Became a Viral Sensation

In May 2020, it seemed like every time we opened the Twitter app, all we got was bad news. During one of the most intense periods of doom scrolling we’ve ever seen on the platform, a sliver of sunshine appeared in our timelines: A series of photos of a British gardener, who was very proud of his giant home-grown veggies.

Gerald Stratford quickly became known as “Twitter’s Grandad,” and soon found himself with an army of followers who couldn’t get enough of his wholesome garden updates.

Since going viral, Gerald has become a published author, and even modeled for Gucci—all while keeping up his growing garden. Listen in as we chat with the King of Big Veg about how he got into gardening, his advice for others on finding their passion, and what life has been like since he became a social media star.

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