No Man of God Director Amber Sealey on Ted Bundy’s Real Persona and Friend Bill Hagmaier

For those of us who have seen enough of serial killer Ted Bundy portrayed as a charismatic genius on screen, Amber Sealey’s No Man of God is a welcomed change of pace. Instead of focusing on Bundy’s heinous murders, Sealey tells the little-known story of his strange and complicated relationship with FBI agent Bill Hagmaier, who became genuine friends with Bundy through a series of interviews while he was on death row. Listen is as we talk with Sealey, who shared her fascinating thoughts on what was going on in Hagmaier’s mind as his relationship with a serial killer progressed, what was real vs. manipulation in their friendship, and how at the end of the arduous process to understand why Bundy did what he did, time and time again, Hagmaier won.

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