Submechanophobia and Trypophobia Explained by an Expert (A Deep Dive on Phobias)

You’ve heard of arachnophobia…now get ready for thalassophobia, trypophobia, and our favorite (or should we say least favorite?)…submechanophobia!

We’ve seen video after video made by people attempting to trigger phobias in their viewers, but none of them really answered our #1 burning question! What is it about manmade objects in submerged water, or clusters of holes, that gives us that feeling in the pit of our stomach? Today on Double Talk Asks, we called Dr. Warren Mansell, clinical psychologist and phobia expert, to talk about some of the most bizarre phobias and what causes them, the difference between fear and a true phobia, and how we can make even our biggest phobias go away once and for all! Listen in…

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