Abigail Breslin on SOPHOMORE, Making Music, ‘Witchcraft,’ And Her Gift as a Medium

No one can deny that Abigail Breslin is a bona fide movie star.

The Academy-Award nominated actress, who solidified herself as one of the most sought-after performers of her generation with her breakthrough performance as Olive Hoover in the 2007 instant-classic Little Miss Sunshine, has since graced screens in hit after hit, from August: Osage County to Zombieland and its sequel. That’s why the two of us were surprised when a few months ago, our quick social media message to Abigail, asking for a bit of advice on a subject she had touched on in her 2015 book This May Sound Crazy, was returned with an offer for us to give her a call.

That first night we “met” Abigail Breslin over FaceTime, we skipped the small talk and dove right into topics from harmful power dynamics and manipulation in the entertainment industry to grief and heartbreak. She was just as willing to open up to us about her personal experiences as she was to listen to ours. We talked for hours, laughing one minute and crying the next, and she was so deeply humble and down-to-earth that before long, we completely forgot that we’d begun the call knowing her as simply an actress who we’d grown up watching in movies. Over the next few months, she’d become a true friend of ours. She is giving of her time and her heart, hilarious and free-spirited, and just a fun person to call up and have a laugh with.

Not all loose-lipped video conversations over wine can be recorded, but since beginning our friendship with Abbie, we’ve learned a few things about her that we’ve wanted to share with her other fans. One of those bits of information is just how passionate she is about her budding career in music. The other that she is a psychic medium — a gift she learned she has at nine years old. Last week, we switched from FaceTime to Zoom for an interview with Abbie about her new song HEX, off of her upcoming EP Witchcraft, what she knows now that she wishes she knew when she was younger, and her special abilities as a medium. Listen in…

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