Matt Orchard on ‘JCS – Criminal Psychology Genre,’ Covering True Crime Fairly

While major streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu continue to shoot the most thought-provoking cases into the mainstream media and onto televisions across the world, some YouTube channels have been able to rake in their own loyal followings of ‘true crime junkies.’

Take JCS – Criminal Psychology for example. “JCS,” or Jim Can’t Swim, shifts focus away from the gore and carnage that documentary shows and horror channels often zero in on, and instead dives into the mind of each perpetrator, and how the cases affect and are affected by society as a whole.

While videos featuring popular YouTubers speaking directly to the camera about the most well-known cases, littered with words like evil and disgusting, become increasingly popular, JCS is able to cut through the noise—and complex topics like narcissism, gaslighting, and sociopathy become the forefront of the conversation.

Perhaps what best defines a JCS video is the way interrogation footage is examined with a fine-tooth comb, with the narrator switching between pausing every few moments to break down interrogation tactics, and letting the most tense moments play through.

The channel has become so successful that fans quite literally cannot get enough. While JCS viewers clamor for JCS and beg for more frequent uploads, a new brilliant mind, named Matt Orchard, has emerged, and is turning Jim Can’t Swim into a genre. Today we’re talking with the man behind Matt Orchard – Crime and Society, whose use of the narrative arc has truly put himself in a class of his own. Listen in…

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