Former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman on Overcoming Life’s Ambushes

“You’ve got to control what you can. It’s human nature to have a tendency to focus on the negative — the isolation, the anxiety, and everything that’s overwhelming. And it’s also a natural tendency to stop doing the things that we really should be doing to take care of ourselves. What are the things you’re doing to move the needle in your life? As human beings, we feel good about being productive, and right now, there’s a lot of people who are out of work, or can’t go to the gym; all these different things which allow us to make excuses as to why we can’t do X, Y, or Z right now. But the reality is we need to do it even more in these high-stress times.” —Jason Redman

For people all over the world, 2020 has felt like a year-long ambush. From a global pandemic that has taken more than a million lives, to a national election that has divided Americans across party lines, to widespread natural disasters, to historic racial unrest, it’s been a markedly bad year for almost everyone.

Perhaps, then, there is no better time to seek advice about dealing with life’s ambushes than now: and no better person to ask than a Navy SEAL.

Jason Redmond

Jason Redman is a retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant, severely wounded warrior, veteran advocate, and New York Times bestselling author. Listen in to our conversation with Jason about overcoming life’s obstacles, becoming the leader of your own life, and how we can continue to thrive when faced with challenges beyond our control.

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